Which Miami Dolphins positional group would you add to?

The Miami Dolphins have holes across the roster and positions that are in need of depth, some more than others as training camp nears.

Which Miami Dolphins group would you want to add to and which player would you want to fill out the teams roster?

With this rebuild there hasn’t been much action taking on free agent players. However every season around camp time that is coming there are players let go (some surprisingly) that other teams and fans will want.

It is hard to get away from wanting the players that have name recognition. This rebuild has a youth movement to it and also some promoting from within.

Or at least that is the impression from giving opportunities to players that have been around and going on a second contract like Bobby McCain who is being tried out at free safety. There is always a chance that this is just due to an upcoming scheme involving a lot of rotation on defense and players need to be versatile. We have seen this before with the last coaching staff and it is why there still is no true free safety.

Back on topic with groupings: on defense cornerback might be the group that rises to the top from the fact there is no true secondary back to compliment Xavien Howard. Right now the only FA’s with name recognition seem to be on the wrong side of 30 years and older aside from Morris Claiborne who is 29. A dream scenario would be to pry away a rumored unhappy with not being extended Jalen Ramsey from the Jaguars, just imagine that pairing!

Defensive end has to be mentioned even though the new coaching staff has downplayed the need claiming that scheme will be providing the pressure on opposing quarterbacks. The age factor comes in here also with available FA’s like Muhammad Wilkerson (injury,DUI) and former Dolphins player Dion Jordan (injury,10 game suspension PED) both are also 29.

Former Dolphins players shouldn’t be a problem returning to the team because of so much turnover with the new staff. A few more former players that I find intriguing are DE Derrick Shelby who had some sacks while showing good pressure last he was on the team but left the team after getting into trouble off the field. He is also 30 now (time flies) and is hampered on IR.

One other former player who had shown even more toughness getting behind the line is Chris McCain who just debuted at MMA. While he is only 27 he also recently got in trouble like Shelby did. I see no incident that he had causing his departure from the team like Shelby had here. There was a time that the Miami Dolphins had three players named McCain and I would jokingly call them the Miami McCain’s.

Because the Patriots rotated 4 running backs I could see this as the main group on offense that could take on one more notable player and the player heading the list of FA’s is former Dolphins player Jay Ajayi. Aside from injury his trouble was team related and seems to have continued by making waves with the staff on his last team. He made record history here with his three 200 yard rushing games but also showed inconsistency many other games that season. I’m fighting my urge to be offensive line centric here Lol.

One other player who played College locally is Duke Johnson. While he is not a FA he is in a situation where he would most likely want to move on. While his stats never jumped off the page he wasn’t all that bad and has a fan following which reaches to Florida where his roots are from playing with the University of Miami. He would probably be a good fit in a rotation here if that is the plan.

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