Spectacular Lego Hotel Opens In Florida


Spectacular Lego Hotel Opens In Florida

Spectacular Lego Hotel Opens In Florida

Lego has been an incredibly popular toy ever since it first released in 1949. However, in recent times, demand for the bricks have skyrocketed to new heights thanks to a number of new partnerships. This includes the recent Lego movie, the highly acclaimed Lego games and the associations with countless licensed properties such as Back to the Future and Star Wars.

With this spectacular rise in popularity, the executives in charge of running the Lego business have taken advantage and opened up a number of theme parks around the world. Their latest project is the Legoland Resort Hotel, a simply amazing attraction that is perfect for any fan of the toy.

The entire hotel has been constructed to look like it has been built out of the iconic bricks, with plenty of features to entertain kids and adults alike. Thousands of Lego figures adorn the walls, every room is colorfully decorated and there is even a dragon at the entrance of the hotel that can blow steam out of its nose.

The 152 rooms are split into four distinct themes so that children can get the best possible experience. These include Pirate Kingdom, Adventure Land and Lego Friends.

Finally, there is even a Master Builder Lego workshop to let the guests exercise their creativity as well as scavenger hunts that unlock special prizes.

The hotel has already received good reviews with one blogger, Taryn Pisaneschi, claiming that, “The whole experience was surprisingly good. The beds were great, the decorations were fantastic. Even the floor matched the theme of the rooms.

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