Orlando Magic tie up their books in free agency, committing to this group

Orlando Magic, Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier, Nikola Vucevic, Terrence Ross, Steve Clifford

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The Orlando Magic put a deep investment in the current roster to continue improving. It ties up their books for several years and will change how they plan.

This offseason was a unique one in the NBA. Not for the massive amount of player movement and the surprises that came with it but for the fact that a little bit less than half the league entered free agency at the same time. It was always going to be a zany summer for that reason.

The Orlando Magic were not one of the teams expected to participate. They were still digging themselves out of the cap hole they put themselves in during the summer of 2016. That spending splurge forced the team to hold onto some pretty big contracts entering this offseason.

Perhaps the Magic’s surprise playoff run changed some things too. The Magic all of a sudden had a winning team on their hands. And letting their free agent all-star center go became a more difficult prospect to stomach.

Orlando could have gotten some significant cap room, but only by letting all their free agents go and then stretching Timofey Mozgov. And then even then, signing a max player would eat up all the cap room. Finding a quality player in free agency was going to be tough.

So the Magic did what was probably the best path forward. They re-signed their own free agents to four-year deals and tried to bolster the roster with a high-level signing with the mid-level exception.

Orlando decided to spend this summer keeping its team together, bumping up close to the luxury tax and putting in the $138 million hard cap.

The poor free agent classes for the next two years likely means the Magic are committed to this version of this team for a little while. The idea being this team can grow and continue building as they are.

It is a risk. The team is clearly in win-now mode. The Magic need to make the playoffs for this gambit to work. But they are now constrained a bit.

With the Magic’s financial situation as it is, they will have to. Orlando has tied up its books for the foreseeable future.

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