Miami Dolphins linebacker face uncertain camp competition

This year’s Miami Dolphins training camp will feature a unique look at the linebacker unit as they try and fit into a new scheme.

That new scheme that the Miami Dolphins will be turning to will be talked about and debated from the start of camp. Maybe more than the players themselves.

Entering camp the Dolphins will have 12 men at the position. Kiko Alonso will lead the unit again and Jerome Baker will look to improve again this year. Raekwon McMillan who started out fantastic as a rookie didn’t return to form after coming back from his injury. Now another year removed, he should be in a better situation mentally and physically.

Competition in camp is going to reflective of the scheme that Flores and Graham use. How quickly the linebackers pick up the system and recognize their duties will determine who makes the roster. On the surface, the talent is young but also promising.

Andrew Van Ginkel is a 4th round draft pick from Wisconsin and the Dolphins believe that he can make an immediate impact in this scheme. He has good vision, quick to the ball, and can get through the line to attack the quarterback.

Experience is not lacking however despite the youth. Alonso has seven years, Nate Orchard, added this off-season, has five seasons, and Mike Hull has four. Hull will be interesting to watch because he has not made a big impact on the roster as a linebacker and the Dolphins could opt to go with younger guys at the position to develop.

Chase Allen has three seasons but like Hull may find himself on the outside should he not be able to pick up the scheme. Again, it is all about being able to jump in and compete. This year’s linebacker unit is almost entirely up for grabs, especially after the top three are removed from the equation.

Published at Sat, 13 Jul 2019 19:00:17 +0000

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